High quality, long life


GRUPPO MINITOP is one of the most important rubber track manufacturer in the whole Europe. Its rubber tracks are produced with the highest quality standard and they are covered by warranty against any production flaws.

HIGH QUALITY STANDARD: 5 distinction points

1- Continuous steel-cable with no junctions

This technology was invented and developed in order to increase the resistance of the internal steel cables. Thanks to this solution, used from Minitop since years, the rubber tracks are 40% stronger than without it and it means that the rubber crawlers will last much more longer.


2- High quality raw material

Gruppo Minitop uses only raw material of high quality, in order to guarantee its customers an excellent product.

3- Rubber compound

The perfect compound of caoutchouc and synthetic rubber is tested during the last phases of the production.


4- Product tracking

Each rubber track is branded with a serial number, which allows anyone to understand to which production line batch it belongs.


5- Identification

The customers can recognize all the Minitop products, thanks to the logo branded on each rubber tracks.